Who we are

We are James & Charlotte and this is our small family business! We strive for a vegan, ethically conscious and healthy future, and we want to inspire everyone we reach to feel the same. To us, veganism is not only a diet or a philosophical topic, but the opposition of a moral crisis that needs to be eliminated.

Prior to our launch 2021, James was an airline pilot and formerly an ecommerce manager, Charlotte has maintained her career in operations and HR for a Japanese engineering company. With James being made redundant in 2020 due to the collapse of aviation, we knew the time was right to invest in something we care about and to try and make a difference to the world whilst making a difference for ourselves also.

Before becoming Vegan, James had two phases of being vegetarian, but by accident one evening stumbled across a vegan advocacy video on YouTube citing the heart-breaking treatment of animals in animal agriculture. Within 40 minutes the future was vegan. It wasn’t long before the message reached Charlotte too, and we now live life as a vegan family, raising our children to be true lovers of nature and to be environmentally conscious.

We were never heavy consumers of animal products so the adjustments made have not been extensive, but we both feel so much better for the rich plant-based diet we now consume. Everyday our kitchen is full of different colours, smells, textures and flavours. We have commenced a journey of food discovery all over again and are excited for what we will eat and discover every day of our lives.

Outside of work, James is a BSc Biology student and main interests are aviation (of course), cookery, and tranquil mornings stand-up paddleboarding. Charlotte is a breastfeeding and birth rights advocate and a trained Doula. When we're not running around after our lively children we spend as much time as possible out walking and discovering the great outdoors.